Angéline Rouers

Senior Research Fellow, A*STAR Infectious Diseases Labs

Expertise: Immunology, Human immunodeficiency virus



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Washington Times article by Robert Malone and Peter Navarro relies on inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims about virus evolution, vaccine immunity, and COVID-19 vaccine safety

in Washington Times, by Robert Malone and Peter Navarro

— 15 Aug 2021

"This article has inaccuracies throughout with a clear view to push an anti-vaccine agenda. The picture depicting a skull with eyes and nose made of coronaviruses in the shape of t..

Potential role for T cells in COVID-19 immunity accurately reported in National Geographic article

in National Geographic, by Carrie Arnold

— 19 Aug 2020

"The article accurately discusses the recent findings about the presence/relevance of T cell response against COVID-19. Indeed, both arms of adaptive immunity, humoral and cellular..

New York Times accurately reports vaccine-derived polio outbreaks caused by low vaccine coverage

in New York Times, by Associated Press

— 02 Dec 2019

"The content of the article is correct: attenuated polio strain type 2 contained in the oral vaccine can – in very rare cases – mutate and cause disease in under-immunized pers..

Article claiming vaccines cause autoimmunity and autism due to fetal DNA contaminants found unsupported and implausible

in Vaccine Impact, by Theresa Deisher

— 09 Jun 2019

"While the letter provides some concerns about the fetal cell-derived DNA contamination in vaccines, it does not provide any actual evidence to support the claims made. The whole h..


Robert Malone makes several misleading and unsubstantiated claims about COVID-19 vaccines in Judicial Watch interview

“Leaky vaccines” are causing SARS-CoV-2 to evolve rapidly; COVID-19 vaccines don’t prevent disease and death; childhood vaccine safety is doubtful

SOURCE: Robert Malone, Judicial Watch

Published: 14 Sep 2023


COVID-19 vaccines don’t weaken the immune system; Lancet study misrepresented in Virology Journal comment

Lancet study showed that vaccinated people have lower immune function than unvaccinated people; COVID-19 vaccines suppress the immune system

SOURCE: Kenji Yamamoto, Tucker Carlson, The Hodgetwins, Fox News

Published: 28 Jul 2022


Too early for conclusions on long-term COVID-19 immunity, but some findings suggest that immune memory against the virus lasts for up to eight months and possibly longer

“COVID-19 immunity likely lasts for years”

SOURCE: Neel V. Patel, MIT Technology Review

Published: 22 Jan 2021


No evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause more severe disease; antibody-dependent enhancement has not been observed in clinical trials

COVID-19 vaccines will cause more severe disease through antibody-dependent enhancement

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook

Published: 27 Nov 2020


Contrary to popular claim on social media, RNA vaccines do not alter our DNA

“Bill Gates explains that the COVID vaccine will use experimental technology and permanently alter your DNA”

SOURCE: Alex Pietrowski, Facebook users, Waking Times

Published: 30 Jun 2020


Claim that flu vaccine increases coronavirus infection is unsupported, misinterprets scientific studies

flu vaccine increases risk of coronavirus infection

SOURCE: Benjamin Krause, Facebook users,, GreenMedInfo

Published: 30 Mar 2020


No, an “FDA study” did not find that vaccines contain cancer-causing viruses

The FDA study looked at vaccines that are made from living cells [...] oftentimes contaminated with hidden viral fragments which have the potential to cause cancer.

SOURCE: Aaron Kesel, Activist Post, Principia Scientific

Published: 31 Jan 2020


Mike Adams falsely claims cancer genes and “entire genetic code” are found in vaccines, based on unverified report

Vaccines [have been] found laced with entire genetic code for abnormal human loaded with cancer genes

SOURCE: Mike Adams, Natural News, Corvelva

Published: 02 Dec 2019


Claim that virus contaminating polio vaccine between 1955 and 1963 is cancer-causing not supported by science

CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus

SOURCE: Dave Mihalovic, Waking Times

Published: 25 Jul 2019


Vaccination does not weaken the immune system against natural infection

With repeated use of vaccines, cell-mediated immunity weakens

SOURCE: Lance D Johnson, Andrew Wakefield, Newstarget

Published: 20 May 2019