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Potential role for T cells in COVID-19 immunity accurately reported in National Geographic article

in National Geographic, by Carrie Arnold

— 19 Aug 2020

"The article accurately discusses the recent findings about the presence/relevance of T cell response against COVID-19. Indeed, both arms of adaptive immunity, humoral and cellular..

People who do not show symptoms can contribute to significant COVID-19 transmission, contrary to CNBC report

in CNBC, by William Feuer, Noah Higgins-Dunn

— 10 Jun 2020

there is already “abundant data” showing that people who are not showing symptoms—which could include asymptomatic, presymptomatic, and paucisymptomatic individuals—compris...


COVID-19 antigen tests are highly accurate, but incorrect use on food items such as fruits or Coca-Cola can produce false positive results

Simple cola produced a positive result in the COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, proving mass testing worthless

SOURCE: Michael Schnedlitz, Vaccine Impact, others

Published: 31 Dec 2020


COVID-19 vaccine candidates show high efficacy and a safe profile in clinical trials, contrary to claims in viral video

“The COVID-19 pandemic is not a real medical pandemic”; “The COVID-19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective”

SOURCE: World Doctors Alliance, BrandNewTube

Published: 10 Dec 2020


Non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as lockdowns and wearing face masks, are effective measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission, contrary to claims in viral video

Lockdowns and face masks do not work to control the COVID-19 pandemic

SOURCE: Tom Woods, Young Americans for Liberty

Published: 19 Nov 2020


Pfizer is part of Operation Warp Speed, a partnership to produce and distribute a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, but it developed a vaccine without direct funding from the partnership

Pfizer is part of Operation Warp Speed; “Thanks to the public-private partnership forged by President, [Pfizer] announced its Coronavirus Vaccine trial is EFFECTIVE, preventing infection in 90% of its volunteers”

SOURCE: David Marcus, Mike Pence, The Federalist

Published: 12 Nov 2020


Wearing face masks helps reduce the spread of COVID-19, but it only confers partial protection and should be combined with additional public health measures

“Mask mandates do nothing to stop [the spread of] COVID[-19]”; There is “overwhelming scientific evidence” that masks do not work

SOURCE: Yinon Weiss, The Federalist

Published: 11 Nov 2020


Claim that mouthwash could reduce the spread of COVID-19 has not yet been confirmed by clinical trials in humans

Some mouthwashes could help curb coronavirus

SOURCE: Nyzah McDonald and Evan Hinkley, NewsNation

Published: 02 Nov 2020


Masks are effective at reducing COVID-19 primary transmission through respiratory droplets; the CDC acknowledges airborne transmission via aerosols can also occur

“CDC says [the SARS-CoV-2] virus was never airborne, rendering masks worthless”

SOURCE: Owen Shroyer,

Published: 25 Oct 2020


COVID-19 vaccines are not expected to be available for the public within several months, contrary to viral claim on social media

“The Government has released their initial plans to force a vaccine on everyone”; “Three potential vaccines are currently in Stage 3 trials in the United States and could be ready in weeks”

SOURCE: Mac Slavo, SHTFplan, Before it’s news

Published: 04 Oct 2020


The virus causing COVID-19 most likely evolved in natural wildlife populations before spreading to humans

“[G]enetic evidence within the Spike gene of SARS-Cov-2 genome […] does exist and suggest that the SARS-CoV-2 genome should be a product of genetic manipulation”; “The characteristics and pathogenic effects of SARS-CoV-2 are unprecedented”

SOURCE: Li-Meng Yan, Zenodo

Published: 22 Sep 2020


Human DNA does not produce a positive result on the RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2

“WHO coronavirus PCR test primer sequence is found in all human DNA”; “this means that the WHO test kits should find a positive result in all humans”

SOURCE: Anonymous, Piece of Mindful

Published: 31 Aug 2020



Computing Forever interview with Dolores Cahill contains numerous inaccuracies about COVID-19 and vaccines

— 22 May 2020

This video, first published on 11 May 2020, features an interview between Dave Cullen, also known as Computing Forever on YouTube, and Dolores Cahill, a professor at University Col...