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Contrary to viral claim, regulatory agencies knew of residual DNA in COVID-19 mRNA vaccines; no evidence this poses health concern

Regulatory agencies didn’t know of residual DNA contamination in COVID-19 RNA vaccines; residual DNA could integrate into our DNA and cause cancer

SOURCE: Steve Kirsch, Twitter

Published: 25 Oct 2023


Peter McCullough makes inaccurate and misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccines at event hosted by European political party

COVID-19 vaccine mRNA cannot be broken down; COVID-19 vaccines cause excess death and unprecedented blood clots

SOURCE: Peter McCullough, Substack, Facebook

Published: 04 Oct 2023


The commercially available Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is safe and was tested on more than 250 people, contrary to claim by statistician Christine Cotton

“Pfizer’s COVID Shot Was Only Tested on 250 People”

SOURCE: Christine Cotton, Twitter

Published: 26 Jul 2023


COVID-19 mRNA vaccines saved lives by reducing risks of infection and severe COVID-19

“the mRNA jab didn’t actually save any lives”

SOURCE: Wes Walker, Clash Daily

Published: 26 May 2023


Vaccination isn’t equal to parasitic infection; COVID-19 mRNA vaccines don’t hamper the production of anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies

“ALL vaccines, including the seasonal flu shot, contain parasites”, mRNA vaccines reduce the amount of anti-spike antibodies

SOURCE: Anonymous, Exposing satanic science

Published: 25 Nov 2022


mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 don’t modify humans, and don’t make them patentable or owned by any entities

“if a human is injected with a GMO it becomes a patented piece of property from the government”, “they take away all your rights with mRNAs”

SOURCE: Instagram Users, TikTok, Instagram

Published: 15 Nov 2022


COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe; they don’t alter our DNA and aren’t subjected to federal regulation on bioweapons

“We are allowing human organisms to become bioweapon factories”

SOURCE: Stew Peters, David Martin, Stew Peters Show

Published: 01 Apr 2022



What do we know about the safety of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA in breast milk?

— 03 Oct 2023

Introduction A study by Hanna et al. published in September 2023 reported the presence of mRNA from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in the breast milk of some lactating women[1]. This study...