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No evidence that the low COVID-19 case rate in Sweden is due to herd immunity; vaccines don’t lead to new variants of SARS-CoV-2

“Sweden obliterates the lie of ‘vaccines’ as ticket to ending pandemic”; mass vaccination create vaccine-mediated viral enhancement

SOURCE: Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze

Published: 29 Nov 2021


Claim that previously infected people don’t transmit COVID-19 is unsupported, originates from misinterpretation of CDC’s FOIA response

Previously infected individuals who get reinfected don’t transmit the virus to others; previous infection provides “better protection” than vaccination and this immunity “does not wane”

SOURCE: Aaron Siri, Cristina Laila, Substack, Gateway Pundit

Published: 24 Nov 2021


Vaccination enhances immunity in people who previously had COVID-19; little evidence for claim that the Amish community in Lancaster County, PA, have herd immunity

“All the Amish know we got herd immunity”, “We all got the Covid, so why would you get a vaccine?”

SOURCE: Sharyl Attkisson, Full Measure

Published: 13 Oct 2021