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The Atlantic provides accurate summary of research on gut microbiome, hypothesizes well-reasoned potential benefits of consuming fresh produce

in The Atlantic, by James Hamblin

— 02 Sep 2019

"The article provides a well balanced discussion of current knowledge surrounding the gut microbiota and benefits of eating whole foods. The author could have provided more details..

Viral news article misinterprets classification of processed meat as carcinogenic in claiming it is “as harmful as cigarettes”

in Truth Reporter, by vinit

— 05 Dec 2018

"The classification of processed meat as “Group 1” – carcinogenic to humans means that the evidence is as strong as for other risk factors included in the Group 1 category, i..


Lab-grown meat isn’t made of cancerous cells

Cultivated meat is produced using “cancerous and pre-cancerous cells”

SOURCE: TikTok user, TikTok

Published: 15 Jul 2023


To date, no therapy has been proven effective for preventing or treating COVID-19, contrary to claim by Dolores Cahill

There is no need for social distancing because we have a treatment for COVID-19

SOURCE: Dolores Cahill, The HighWire

Published: 28 May 2020


Eating alkaline food cannot prevent or cure COVID-19

The pH for the coronavirus varies from 5.5 to 8.5. What we need to do to defeat the coronavirus is to consume more alkaline foods above the virus’ pH level.

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook

Published: 22 Apr 2020


No, marijuana and ginger have not been shown to cure COVID-19

Boil weed and ginger for Covid-19 victims, the virus will vanish

SOURCE: Anonymous,

Published: 31 Mar 2020


Gargling salt water or vinegar may soothe a sore throat, but it will not eliminate COVID-19

Gargling with warm water and salt or vinegar eliminates the virus [SARS-CoV-2]

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook, Twitter

Published: 27 Mar 2020


Vitamin C supplementation does not prevent viral respiratory infections, such as those caused by coronaviruses, in the general population

The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C

SOURCE: Andrew W. Saul, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Health Impact News

Published: 20 Feb 2020


Chemical in garlic eliminates certain bacterial cells faster than two common antibiotics, but not by 100 times

Garlic proven 100 times more effective than antibiotics

SOURCE: Anonymous, Why Don't You Try This

Published: 17 Feb 2020


Manuka honey possesses potent antibacterial activity, even against some antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but only via topical application, not consumption

Raw manuka honey kills every bacteria scientists throw at it, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs

SOURCE: Sara Burrows, Return to Now

Published: 18 Jan 2020


Impossible Whopper contains no estrogen; will not lead to men growing breasts if eaten in moderation

The Impossible Whopper has 44 mg of estrogen and the whopper has 2.5 ng of estrogen

SOURCE: James Stanger, Tri-State Livestock News

Published: 10 Jan 2020


Claim that ginger is more effective than chemotherapy for cancer treatment is unsupported

ginger is 10,000x more effective at killing cancer than chemo

SOURCE: Anonymous, Feature Remedies, Health Holistic Living

Published: 30 Sep 2019



What do we know about the safety of bisphenol A in food packaging?

— 13 Feb 2023

SUMMARY Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that has been used for decades to make certain plastics and resins. These materials are used as a coating in food and drink cans and r...