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Washington Times article by Robert Malone and Peter Navarro relies on inaccurate and unsubstantiated claims about virus evolution, vaccine immunity, and COVID-19 vaccine safety

in Washington Times, by Robert Malone and Peter Navarro

— 15 Aug 2021

"This article has inaccuracies throughout with a clear view to push an anti-vaccine agenda. The picture depicting a skull with eyes and nose made of coronaviruses in the shape of t..

Misleading Wall Street Journal opinion piece makes the unsubstantiated claim that the U.S. will have herd immunity by April 2021

in Wall Street Journal, by Marty Makary

— 26 Feb 2021

"The article’s claim that the U.S. is near herd immunity rests on two numbers: 1) the detection of infections by testing (claimed to be 10 – 25 percent) and 2) the infection fa..

New York Post article makes speculative, unsupported claim that mutation could enable the virus causing COVID-19 to evade handwashing and mask-wearing

in New York Post, by Jackie Salo

— 08 Oct 2020

"The preprint that the article focuses on actually says nothing about the most egregious claim made in the article: that the virus is evolving to get around hand-washing, masks, et..

Telegraph article describing the hypothesis that face masks can variolate a population receives mixed reviews on its scientific accuracy

in The Telegraph, by Georgina Hayes

— 24 Sep 2020

"The Telegraph headline is obviously misleading but the subheading is accurate. Masks don’t give immunity; rather, the argument is that infections are milder or asymptomatic and ..

Potential role for T cells in COVID-19 immunity accurately reported in National Geographic article

in National Geographic, by Carrie Arnold

— 19 Aug 2020

"The article accurately discusses the recent findings about the presence/relevance of T cell response against COVID-19. Indeed, both arms of adaptive immunity, humoral and cellular..

People who do not show symptoms can contribute to significant COVID-19 transmission, contrary to CNBC report

in CNBC, by William Feuer, Noah Higgins-Dunn

— 10 Jun 2020

there is already “abundant data” showing that people who are not showing symptoms—which could include asymptomatic, presymptomatic, and paucisymptomatic individuals—compris...

COVID-19 vaccine candidate by Pittsburgh scientists show promising results in animal studies, but clinical trials still needed before efficacy in humans is known

in Pittsburgh Magazine, by Garret Roberts

— 11 Apr 2020

Scientists who reviewed this article’s scientific credibility found that the reporting was generally accurate. However, they also highlighted a missed opportunity to provide read...


Public information film on coronavirus allegedly from the 1970s is a parody published in 2020

A public information film on the coronavirus was released in the 1970s

SOURCE: Social media users, YouTube

Published: 28 Nov 2023


Financial analyst David Martin misrepresents studies and patent applications to promote the baseless claim that SARS-CoV-2 was developed as a bioweapon

“SARS is the research developed by humans, weaponizing a life system model to actually attack human beings”

SOURCE: David Martin, International COVID-19 Summit III

Published: 07 Jun 2023


Viral memes listing COVID-19 topics about which authorities were allegedly “wrong” rehash debunked misinformation

We were lied about “COVID-19 numbers”, treatments, natural immunity, and the origin of the virus; COVID-19 vaccines and control measures “didn’t work”

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Published: 07 Mar 2023


Infection-induced immunity is more unpredictable and poses a higher risk than vaccine-induced immunity

“natural immunity provides superior protection to experimental vaccines; “They lied and said Natural Immunity wasn’t better than [vaccine]-induced immunity”

SOURCE: Social media users, Children's Health Denfese, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Published: 02 Mar 2023


Misrepresented 2018 clip of Bill Gates trigger inaccurate claims that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for livestock could transfer to people through diet

“Bill Gates Vows To Pump mRNA Into Food Supply To ‘Force-Jab’ the Unvaccinated”

SOURCE: Baxter Dmitry, NewsPunch, The People’s Voice, Headline USA

Published: 18 Jan 2023


Possible increases in cancer rates and lower life expectancy in 2021 are primarily driven by effects of COVID-19, not vaccination

“Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID-19 shots”, which “is driving down U.S. life expectancy”

SOURCE: Joseph Mercola, Children's Health Defense

Published: 13 Jan 2023


Medical exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines are granted for contraindications, not including history of blood clots or adverse reaction to prior vaccine

Medical exemptions are unavailable even for people who “shouldn't get the [COVID-19] vaccine”, including those with a history of blood clotting or an adverse reaction to a prior vaccine

SOURCE: Dan Bongino, The Dan Bongino Show

Published: 22 Dec 2022


The film “Died Suddenly” rehashes debunked claims and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are linked to abnormal blood clotting, sudden deaths, world depopulation

SOURCE: Richard Hirschman, Theresa Long, Steve Kirsch, Stew Peters Network

Published: 29 Nov 2022


Clinical trial by Moderna found no safety concerns with the COVID-19 vaccine in toddlers, contrary to claim by Joseph Ladapo

According to Moderna themselves: Serious adverse events affected 1 in 200 toddlers. But they still concluded the mRNA vaccine was safe in children

SOURCE: Joseph Ladapo, Twitter

Published: 05 Nov 2022


Photos of blood clots removed during embalming don’t show any link with COVID-19 vaccines; blood clotting risk is much higher after COVID-19 than vaccination

COVID-19 vaccines are linked to an increase in abnormal blood clots observed by embalmers

SOURCE: Matthew Horwood, Twitter, Instagram

Published: 02 Nov 2022



Copypasta of an ICU doctor’s tweet stokes COVID-19 skepticism by mimicking bot-like behavior

— 29 Jul 2021

Introduction The spread of the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 has put many countries back on high alert. Both the U.S. and the U.K. have seen the Delta variant become the predominant ...

Understanding causality in adverse events after vaccination

— 15 Jul 2021

Introduction Whether you’re watching the news or scrolling through your social media feeds, you’re certain to come across content about COVID-19 vaccines. This is unsurprising�...

How were mRNA vaccines developed for COVID-19?

— 02 Jun 2021

The vaccines for COVID-19 produced by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna were the first mRNA vaccines authorized for use in the general public. mRNA vaccines were a long-standing ambition...

“Plandemic: Indoctornation” video rehashes debunked claims and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines

— 20 Aug 2020

Plandemic is a pseudo-documentary produced by American filmmaker Mikki Willis, whose first instalment was published in May 2020. Featuring an interview with anti-vaccination activi...

Computing Forever interview with Dolores Cahill contains numerous inaccuracies about COVID-19 and vaccines

— 22 May 2020

This video, first published on 11 May 2020, features an interview between Dave Cullen, also known as Computing Forever on YouTube, and Dolores Cahill, a professor at University Col...

“Plandemic” vignette featuring anti-vaccination activist Judy Mikovits contains numerous false and unsupported claims about COVID-19

— 08 May 2020

This video is the first in a series of vignettes preceding a movie titled “Plandemic”. First published on 5 May 2020, it quickly went viral on Facebook, with more than 2.2 mill...

Did the COVID-19 virus originate from a lab or nature? Examining the evidence for different hypotheses of the novel coronavirus’ origins

— 24 Apr 2020

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in December 2019, many hypotheses have been advanced to explain where the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) actually came from. Initial re...