Reviews of articles from: The Washington Post


Washington Post article provides accurate and insightful report on recent spate of vaping-related illnesses

in Washington Post, by Lena H. Sun and Lindsey Bever

“At the moment, it is not possible to know if these pulmonary diseases are related to propylene glycol, glycerol, nicotine, flavorings, or more likely, synthetic/natural drugs sometimes added to e-liquids. Although vaping has deleterious effects on the lungs, e-cigarette vaping has been shown to be safe for over 10 years now… I firmly believe that this new epidemic is linked to synthetic cannabinoids, which unfortunately could be popular among young people”

— 13 Sep 2019


Complete vaccine coverage in the U.S. could have prevented almost a quarter of COVID-19 deaths

“Quarter of U.S. covid deaths were probably preventable with vaccination”

SOURCE: Philip Bump, The Washington Post

Published: 28 Oct 2022


Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 may have a higher fatality rate than the flu, but a definitive conclusion requires more studies

Antibody tests support what’s been obvious: Covid-19 is much more lethal than the flu

SOURCE: Joel Achenbach, Washington Post

Published: 12 May 2020


Bone spurs occasionally form at the base of human skulls, but their growth has not been linked to the use of handheld devices

‘Horns’ are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame, research suggests.

SOURCE: Isaac Stanley-Becker, The Washington Post

Published: 19 Nov 2019