CNN article accurately reports an increased risk of heart attack from cannabis use in young people, but lacks context on difference between absolute and relative risk

in CNN, by Megan Marples

— 21 Sep 2021

"Yes, it’s true that the data suggest a “doubling” of risk for cardiac problems in cannabis users, but the article confuses “absolute” risk and “relative” risk. Those..


No evidence that a carnivore diet leads to “90% reduction in all diseases” or treats diabetes

Carnivore diet produces “a 90% reduction in all diseases” and a reduction in insulin use by diabetics

SOURCE: Mikhaila Peterson, YouTube

Published: 31 Mar 2023


No clinical evidence supports the use of baking soda as a cancer treatment

Cancer can be treated with baking soda

SOURCE: Anya Vien, Living Traditionally

Published: 03 Mar 2023


Viral videos on Facebook promote unproven cancer cures; no evidence that pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. FDA are hiding the cure for cancer

Turmeric, ketogenic diet, ozone therapy, megadoses of vitamin C and adaptogens are cures for cancer that have been suppressed for four decades

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook

Published: 24 Dec 2022


Laura Braden’s comments questioning the safety and usefulness of childhood vaccines are unfounded; studies show that the hepatitis B and HPV vaccines are safe

Vaccines and vitamin K injections given to children are unsafe

SOURCE: Laura Braden, Rumble, Instagram

Published: 25 Nov 2022


Little clinical evidence supports the use of high-dose intravenous vitamin C to treat cancer

Intravenous vitamin C specifically kills only cancer cells and not healthy cells

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook, TikTok

Published: 11 Oct 2022


Little clinical evidence supports the use of papaya seeds to treat intestinal parasites

“Papaya seeds contain compounds that naturally kill parasites”

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook, TikTok

Published: 29 Sep 2022


No clinical evidence supports using cannabis to treat cancer or other conditions, although specific chemicals found in cannabis can be medically useful

Cannabis can treat cancer, PTSD, seizures, anxiety, glaucoma, and depression

SOURCE: Drug Possession Laws, Facebook

Published: 09 Sep 2022


No evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause “fibrous lung clots”, contrary to claim by Jane Ruby

COVID-19 vaccines cause fibrous clots in the lungs and blood vessels

SOURCE: Jane Ruby, Dr. Jane Ruby Show

Published: 01 May 2022


COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe; they don’t alter our DNA and aren’t subjected to federal regulation on bioweapons

“We are allowing human organisms to become bioweapon factories”

SOURCE: Stew Peters, David Martin, Stew Peters Show

Published: 01 Apr 2022


No evidence that the low COVID-19 case rate in Sweden is due to herd immunity; vaccines don’t lead to new variants of SARS-CoV-2

“Sweden obliterates the lie of ‘vaccines’ as ticket to ending pandemic”; mass vaccination create vaccine-mediated viral enhancement

SOURCE: Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze

Published: 29 Nov 2021



Can you achieve a balanced diet by eating only meat? A look at the scientific evidence

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What we know about the safety of mifepristone for medical abortions and the effectiveness of progesterone for “abortion reversal”

— 24 Feb 2023

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Authorization of bivalent COVID-19 boosters is based on scientific evidence of their safety and effectiveness

— 07 Nov 2022

image credit The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Publich Health SUMMARY In August 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized bivalent COVID-19 vaccine formulati...

What has been the effect of the pandemic on the suicide rate of the U.S. population?

— 21 Jun 2021

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic prompted countries everywhere to take measures to reduce the spread of the disease. One of these measures, which has proven to be effective (as c...