CNN article accurately reports an increased risk of heart attack from cannabis use in young people, but lacks context on difference between absolute and relative risk

in CNN, by Megan Marples

— 21 Sep 2021

"Yes, it’s true that the data suggest a “doubling” of risk for cardiac problems in cannabis users, but the article confuses “absolute” risk and “relative” risk. Those..


No clinical evidence supports using cannabis to treat cancer or other conditions, although specific chemicals found in cannabis can be medically useful

Cannabis can treat cancer, PTSD, seizures, anxiety, glaucoma, and depression

SOURCE: Drug Possession Laws, Facebook

Published: 09 Sep 2022


No evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause “fibrous lung clots”, contrary to claim by Jane Ruby

COVID-19 vaccines cause fibrous clots in the lungs and blood vessels

SOURCE: Jane Ruby, Dr. Jane Ruby Show

Published: 01 May 2022


COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are safe; they don’t alter our DNA and aren’t subjected to federal regulation on bioweapons

“We are allowing human organisms to become bioweapon factories”

SOURCE: Stew Peters, David Martin, Stew Peters Show

Published: 01 Apr 2022


No evidence that the low COVID-19 case rate in Sweden is due to herd immunity; vaccines don’t lead to new variants of SARS-CoV-2

“Sweden obliterates the lie of ‘vaccines’ as ticket to ending pandemic”; mass vaccination create vaccine-mediated viral enhancement

SOURCE: Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze

Published: 29 Nov 2021


Article misrepresents WHO guidance regarding vaccination at schools; the WHO recommends that parents must be informed about the vaccination

The WHO considers a child's presence at school alone to be sufficient as informed consent for vaccination

SOURCE: Pam Vernon, Signs of the Times

Published: 14 Nov 2021


There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene or parasites

COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene and living organisms made of aluminum

SOURCE: Carrie Madej, Franc Zalewski, Stew Peters Show

Published: 21 Oct 2021


Several laboratories in Spain have cultured and isolated the virus SARS-CoV-2; the claim that the virus doesn’t exist is false

“Spanish High Court Confirms That Covid 19 Does Not Exist!”

SOURCE: Charlie Ward, The Charlie Ward Show

Published: 14 Oct 2021


Article by OffGuardian, ZeroHedge claiming to list 30 facts about COVID-19 contains multiple inaccurate and misleading statements

“There has been NO unusual excess mortality” related to COVID; “Lockdowns do not prevent the spread of disease”; “Masks don’t work”; “PCR tests were not designed to diagnose illness”

SOURCE: Kit Knightly, OffGuardian, ZeroHedge

Published: 04 Oct 2021


Cancer and heart disease remain the two leading causes of death in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic

“No one has died of cancer or heart disease since the COVID-19 thing started”

SOURCE: Facebook users, Facebook

Published: 30 Aug 2021


Face masks can filter small airborne particles, including respiratory droplets, and are effective at reducing the spread of COVID-19

Science debunks the use of face masks to stop viruses like COVID-19

SOURCE: Byram Bridle, Liz Wheeler, Net Nuance, The Liz Wheeler Show

Published: 14 Aug 2021



What has been the effect of the pandemic on the suicide rate of the U.S. population?

— 21 Jun 2021

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic prompted countries everywhere to take measures to reduce the spread of the disease. One of these measures, which has proven to be effective (as c...