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Science Editor

Fernanda has a PhD in Virology from Harvard University and a Masters in Science Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a freelance science writer, her work has appeared in MIT Technology Review, Science, and other publications. She joined Health Feedback in 2021.

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The amount of potassium chloride in Dasani bottled water is safe and won’t cause cardiac arrest

“Potassium chloride actually causes cardiac arrest […] and we’re drinking it in Dasani water.”

SOURCE: Social media users, Facebook, TikTok

Published: 05 Oct 2022


Claim that hydroxychloroquine is an effective early treatment for COVID-19 isn’t supported by evidence from clinical trials

“The FDA hid the evidence that HCQ [hydroxychloroquine] was effective in the early treatment of the disease. Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of this lie.”

SOURCE: Jim Hoft, Harvey Risch, Gateway Pundit

Published: 25 Sep 2022


The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective; claim that they have caused an “international medical crisis” is baseless

“there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and deaths co-related to the administration of products known as ‘COVID-19 vaccines’”

SOURCE: Social media users, One America News Network, Daily Sceptic

Published: 19 Sep 2022


Persistent myths that HIV was created by the West and that HIV medication causes HIV are both false

“HIV was an invention created by the West”, people “took the HIV medication and got HIV”, you can “reverse HIV naturally”

SOURCE: Yahdan Yada, Facebook, Instagram

Published: 30 Apr 2022


Higher myocarditis risk after COVID-19 than mRNA vaccination; contrary to Peter McCullough’s claim, young persons decrease their risk by getting vaccinated

“We have 21,000 cases of myocarditis and climbing. […] Under no circumstances, should a young person ever receive one of these vaccines”

SOURCE: Peter McCullough, Instagram, Facebook

Published: 09 Apr 2022


Claim that the antiviral drug remdesivir is killing people is baseless

“Remdesivir is proven to kill lives”

SOURCE: Bryan Ardis, TikTok, Facebook

Published: 05 Apr 2022


Infants’ immune systems are perfectly able to safely cope with several vaccines in one day

A “baby’s immune system” cannot “safely handle 8 different antigens 💉 (toxins, bacteria, DNA) in 1 day”

SOURCE: Facebook Users , Facebook

Published: 26 Mar 2022


Claim that COVID-19 deaths have been “vastly overcounted” is baseless; the evidence suggests the opposite

“COVID Deaths Have Been Vastly Overcounted”

SOURCE: Joseph Mercola, Epoch Times

Published: 10 Mar 2022


The COVID-19 vaccines don’t weaken the immune system and are unrelated to the HIV VB variant

The COVID-19 vaccine “destroys the subject’s natural immune system”; HIV VB variant is a “cover up”

SOURCE: Alex Jones, Facebook, Twitter, The Alex Jones Show

Published: 11 Feb 2022


Majority of ten countries listed in viral chain message haven’t dropped all COVID-19 restriction measures and aren’t considering COVID-19 as a seasonal flu, despite claims

Ten countries “announced the cancellation of all quarantine procedures, Corona tests, and compulsory vaccination”

SOURCE: Christiane Northrup, Telegram

Published: 07 Feb 2022



What you need to know about the current monkeypox outbreak: transmission, symptoms, treatments, etc.

— 20 Aug 2022

Photo by CDC/Cynthia S. Goldsmith at Public Health Image Library (PHIL) The ongoing monkeypox virus outbreak began in May 2022, when the U.K. notified the World Health Organization...