Reviews of articles by: Peter McCullough


Study in Vietnam showed that Delta infection results in a higher viral load compared to earlier strains, not that vaccinated people are more infectious than unvaccinated people

“vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19 viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated”

SOURCE: Peter McCullough, Children’s Health Defense

Published: 26 Aug 2021


Vaccines are a safer alternative for acquiring immunity compared to natural infection and COVID-19 survivors benefit from getting vaccinated, contrary to claims by Peter McCullough

COVID-19 vaccines caused over 4,000 deaths; COVID-19 survivors can’t get the virus and don’t need to be vaccinated; natural immunity trumps vaccine immunity; spike protein from the vaccines is dangerous

SOURCE: Peter McCullough, Fleccas Talks

Published: 04 Jun 2021