Reviews of articles by: Clayton Morris


No imminent avian flu pandemic is being staged by Bill Gates or the WHO; claim by Redacted YouTube channel misrepresented sources

Bill Gates and health agencies are staging a new pandemic specifically targeting children; it might already be here according to the WHO or the UK government

SOURCE: Clayton Morris, Natali Morris, YouTube

Published: 02 Aug 2023


COVID-19 vaccines not responsible for Thai princess’ collapse; the country isn’t revisiting its contract with Pfizer

Thai princess “most likely a victim of the jab”, Thailand “could become the first country in the world to nullify the contract between the government and Pfizer”

SOURCE: Clayton Morris, YouTube

Published: 10 Jul 2023


Simulation exercises such as “Catastrophic Contagion” are a normal part of pandemic preparedness; they don’t predict future pandemics

The tabletop exercise “Catastrophic Contagion” means that “Bill Gates and WHO have announced when we will see the next pandemic”

SOURCE: Natali Morris, Clayton Morris, Youtube

Published: 10 Jan 2023