Reviews of articles by: Alex Berenson


The COVID-19 vaccines provide strong protection against hospitalization and death; number of vaccinated people in hospital does not indicate evidence against this

“the vaccinated population accounted for 72% of Covid-19 hospitalisations”; “the vaccinated population accounted for 83% of Covid-19 deaths”

SOURCE: Alex Berenson, Jonathan Allen-Walker, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Exposé

Published: 27 Oct 2021


Misleading to compare the safety of COVID-19 and flu vaccines based solely on VAERS reports; VAERS reports alone cannot demonstrate that a vaccine caused an adverse event

One person is 300 to 900 times “more likely to die” after getting the COVID-19 vaccine than the flu vaccine; “Adverse events are widely underreported”

SOURCE: Alex Berenson, Twitter, Facebook

Published: 17 Feb 2021


Danish face mask study did not show that masks were ineffective at reducing spread of COVID-19; study was underpowered and results were inconclusive

“Masks make no significant difference”; “Masks have no significant effect”

SOURCE: Sharyl Attkisson, Alex Berenson, Buck Sexton, Anthony Sabatini, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Published: 20 Nov 2020